1. These Hills

From the recording These Hills


These Hills
(link above is a sample only)

Living these seasons through, winter comes and she’s so cruel
A dark frozen afternoon cruising out of town
Usually I don’t get to far, turn this car around before
And head back up these hills back where I belong

But how can I stay here, I think I’m gonna have to move
Cause every where you look nothing stirs, nothing lives
She’s just a desert rolling over these hills

The first young man to see this place, first to gaze upon her face
Saw her as she stands to day
But even now as I watch her move, she moves me as I saw her first
She moves like water power grace and balanced moves

And how can I leave her, I think I’m gonna stay here
Cause every where you look something stirs, something lives
She is Davita rolling over these hills