1. Rosemond

From the recording Rosemond


(link above is a sample only)

Rosemond Lives in my mind, memories hang like a ghost
Deep and troubled in my heart, they come around when I need them most
And I guess it’s all in what you believe, people see what they want to see.
That dose’nt mean losing touch was ever easy.

Grayhound buses whine down the highway
The rearview mirror your point of view.
I leave the people and the past behind me, still I find myself thinking of you

I’m never going back to Rosemonf
I’ll probably never see that town again
And if you find yourself any where near Rosemond.
Don’t forget to look up a friend.
You can’t see the end , you can’t bring it round.
No, no, baby no not now.

All the letters I wrote in my head. All the phone calls I never made.
My thoughts are empty and words won’t come.
And as I speak I have nothing to say.

You’ve never shown me anything that stood still, so for the moment I roll back time.
I guess it’s better than growing old