1. Mel

From the recording Mel


(link above is a sample only)

You’ve seen everything, there is to see.
Why, you were there back in 1963
You’ve been everywhere there is to go.
Been there in summer seen it covered in snow.


In all the world you know its true.
No one can know as much as you.
In all the world it’s only you.

You’ve got the newest thing the latest style
You’re bigger better faster higher than a mile
Know all the answers thw reasons why
You fill your world right on up tp the sky


Only you, only you, there’s no one in this world that’s any better than you.
Only you, only you, The world needs only you, needs nobody but you

All hail to you. Where would we be without you
All bow to you. How did we ever get along without you
Right man, right time. You’re just a legend in your own mind.

You are the chosen one, you are the man.
And you remind us every chance that you can.
They talk about you out in the hall, we’re taking bets on the day that you fall.


Locked on a single track, no looking back,
You’ve set your goals, gotta plan of attack
You won’t be turned away, won’t be denied
Gonna make it work or you’ll die


Only you, only you, There’s no one in this world any better than you.
Who could ask for any more. The world needs only you, needs nobody but you.