From the recording Eyes Of A Child


Eyes of a Child
(link above is a sample only)

A child’s world should be filled with love and happiness, not pain.
With younger eyes my view of the world turned cold and gray.
People you trust .they can take your pride away from you, leave you bare.
Can they not see, how it hurts you pulls your spirit down.

Then I see your face and I know that love has come to me, oh oh oh
Yeah you fill that space that has always been so empty, oh oh oh
I see you face and I know love has come to me ,oh oh oh
Now I’m in that place that I never thought I’d ever be.

A young man, fills his world with wild fantasy, in a dream.
No close friends, waste his time on empty ways of love.


Time goes on, learned not to open my heart to pain, all alone.
A man alone, walks a straight and narrow trail of fear.
But then came you, your eyes are filled with hope and love. Evermore.
You stole my heart ,filled me up with love and tenderness.