Rusty Report 8/1/11

Well...??? It's been a year & 3 months since we posted anything and what do we have to report?!?...nothing. Well, that's not entirely true. After a year and a half of moping around after losing Fish, we're talking to a possible replacement. It's been a long time coming, but there are a few things you need to understand. Most bands lose members, they post notices in music stores, in newspapers and on Facebook and the like, and they find someone else to play. We have had the good fortune not only to play with exceptional musicians, but forge deep personal ties and develop a brotherhood. Fish has been (and continues to be) at the center of that brotherhood since day one. Finding another bass player not only requires us to find someone with the chops, but a kindered spirit as well. Anyway, like I said, we're talking to someone. More later. As far as the rest of us...Steve and Jamie continue to play with The Lucky Strikes. They're a wonderful Jazz/Oldies/Beach band that play in and around the NC High Country. Check 'em out if you get a chance. The four of us are very busy talking about all the music we're going to write for the next CD. Now if we'll just get off our collective ass and actually do some recording. Meanwhile Fish is sitting in Gainesville, FL sending me snippets of song ideas. He's gonna have our next CD written if I don't get it in gear! Finally, we've had a lot of inquiries as to when we're gonna do "Tommy" again. We almost did it last April, but just couldn't get it together. Ensemble Stage was going to sponsor the performance and Gary Smith, Ensemble Stage's co-founder is pushing us to do Pink Floyd's "The Wall". When we get this bass player thing settled, we might just work up a double bill. We're that crazy and stupid (well I am anyway!). Heck...why not Quadrophenia...and JC Superstar...and Evita...and Madame Butterfly....and...and.....

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