Haay Y'all, So....We broke Royce in in typical Echo Park fashion at an outdoor the rain...and the cold. We played for the Walk For The Blind at the Old Rock School in Valdese, NC on May 4th. The weather was...well...uncooperative. It was unseasonably cold to begin with and then it started misting rain. Yuk!! The technical difficulties gremlins were also having their way. (By the way, a special thanks to Brad Ferree for supplying the sound and battling the aforementioned gremlins.) We almost pulled the plug, but decided to press on and play on. I won't say how many were in the crowd, but we know them all by name. Anyway, Royce's initiation is now complete. He still wants to play with us, so there y'go! We have a documentary!!! This came about through my daughter and Jamie's sister, Amanda. (You might remember her from Tommy.) Her dear friend Jessica Paratore is (was...she graduated!) a communications major at Appalachian State University and needed to film a documentary for a class project. She took an hour's worth of interview footage and a half hour's worth of performance footage and whittled it down to seven minutes. We're so grateful and humbled to be the subject of such a fabulous piece. To see it, just go to the links section. Jess, thank you so much. You did a fantastic job! Looking ahead, We'll be playing a fund raiser at Howard's Creek Baptist Church next Saturday, June 1. Well most of us will. Steve can't make this one, so we're billing ourselves as 80 Percent. (80% of Echo Park...get it?!). Our set list will be a bit different since there ain't no keyboards (well Royce is gonna play one number on the piano!!).It'll be more in yer face kinda stuff & we're gonna have fun with it. July 14th we'll be on Beech Mountain playing their weekly concert series. Hope y'all can make it out to hear us! That's it for now. Y'all be cool and thanks for catching up with us.

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