Rusty Report 5/3/10

Hi There! There hasn't been much to report from EchoParkWorld lately. Fish came up to play Winterfest with us, it snowed 30 feet and we played to about 10 people. Thanks to all who braved the weather. It was a neat show. We played the whole CD with a couple of covers thrown in. We hadn't played Rosemond in eons. We've never played Mel live, so it was fun for us. In other news...well...the is no other news. Since January we've all been taking care of other areas of our lives. Steve and Jamie have been playing with The Lucky Strikes, a local jazz group. If you hear of them playing anywhere, go check 'em out. They're really good. Jamie, Amanda and I have moved into a new apartment. We have enough room to set up drums, guitars and recording gear, so we hope to start making demos for new tunes for our second CD. I promise this one won't take 30 years. (I'll try to keep it under 10!) To be honest, we're still scratching our heads trying to figure out what we want to do now that Fish is in Florida. There are several wondreful bass players we could call on. It's just hard to imagine anyone else in that spot, especially for me. I have a 30 year history with the guy. We developed a very tight musical raport, not to mention he's one of my oldest and dearest friends. He has sent some song ideas to me to play with, and I'm sure I'll send him stuff as well, which is to say he'll definitely be a presence on the next CD. I sure have rambled on considering there's nothing new to report. It's just been a while since we said "hey!". Well..."Hey!". Stay tuned. We hope to get the ol' EP machine up and running soon.

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