RUSTY REPORT (About freakin' Time!!) 

Well......It's been 3 years, 5 months and 26 days since out last post. I know, I we're slack. (O.K., I'm slack!) So what's been happening?!? First off Steve left the band due to too many irons in the fire. That kinda took the wind out of our sails. We decided to concentrate on writing for a new CD with all of us (mainly Royce) covering keyboard parts.While we're working on this, we get word that Fish and his lovely wife Sheryl are moving back to North Carolina to be closer to family. During a…

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Rusty Report 

'Sup Y'all What's been up with us over the summer? We've played a few gigs, worked on new material for a new CD and scoped out some new places to play. We'll be at one of those places on Friday, October 25th. We're looking very forward to playing at Char, located on Howard Street in Boone, NC. Char is a great resturant that is looking to promote and expand live music in the High Country of North Carolina. We're excited to be part of the budding music scene at Char and hope those of you reading…

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Haay Y'all So....We broke Royce in in typical Echo Park fashion at an outdoor the rain...and the cold. We played for the Walk For The Blind at the Old Rock School in Valdese, NC on May 4th. The weather was...well...uncooperative. It was unseasonably cold to begin with and then it started misting rain. Yuk!! The technical difficulties gremlins were also having their way. (By the way, a special thanks to Brad Ferree for supplying the sound and battling the aforementioned gremlins.) We almost…

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New Bassist 

Our new Bassist is Royce Smith. He is awesome and can't wait to share the stage with him.We are playing our first gig in years this Saturday at the Old Rock School in Valdese. Come on out!!

Merry Christmas 

To all the Park Rangers.... Merry Christmas!

Rusty Report / NEW BASSIST! 12/10/12 

Well hey everybody. It's been a long time, and we've got some good news. We have a new bassist. His name is Royce Smith, he lives in Valdese, NC and is a veteran of the music scene around Valdese, Morganton and Hickory. He brings in a great deal of enthusiasm and motivatiion that, frankly, we desperately need. We're busy getting the repitoire up and running as well as writing music for a new CD, so hopefully you'll be hearing from us soon.I want to take a moment and express our gratitude to Eric Brown…

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Bob Report 

So Rusty called me today and said that he and Jamie had laid down a NEW TRACK (finally), so I picked it up today and am working on lyrics!! Excited!!!!

Rusty Report 8/1/11 

Well It's been a year & 3 months since we posted anything and what do we have to report?!?...nothing. Well, that's not entirely true. After a year and a half of moping around after losing Fish, we're talking to a possible replacement. It's been a long time coming, but there are a few things you need to understand. Most bands lose members, they post notices in music stores, in newspapers and on Facebook and the like, and they find someone else to play. We have had the good fortune not only to play…

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Rusty Report 5/3/10 

Hi There There hasn't been much to report from EchoParkWorld lately. Fish came up to play Winterfest with us, it snowed 30 feet and we played to about 10 people. Thanks to all who braved the weather. It was a neat show. We played the whole CD with a couple of covers thrown in. We hadn't played Rosemond in eons. We've never played Mel live, so it was fun for us In other news...well...the is no other news. Since January we've all been taking care of other areas of our lives. Steve and Jamie have been…

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And The Bass Player Is...FISH?!? 

Yep. Fish is coming up from Gainesville to do the Winterfest show on January 29 (this Friday). Being the procrastinators that we are, we waited a little long to ask someone to come in and learn our stuff and perform it at the end of January, so Fish agreed to come up and bail us out. We hope everyone can come out and see us (with the Fish Man) this Friday night for Blowing Rock Winterfest. Details are in the calendar section.